Transition Program | Visually Impaired Program

Transition Program: 

Students ages 18-21 may participate in the district’s transition programs. These programs focus on vocational skills, employment, and daily living skills. The students are provided opportunities to work and establish employment and daily living skills within their community.  Students are also provided ways to access their community through local transportation and agencies. The goal is for students to have independent skills to be productive citizen within our communities.  

Visually Impaired Program: 

A program that serves students with identified vision impairments across the continuum of Special Education placements.  Vision Resource program offered at Glenbrook Elementary School, Tefft Middle School, Streamwood High School and Elgin High School.  Vision Itinerant services available at all U-46 schools and programs. The goal would be to have effective mode(s) visual supports to benefit from and access the general education curriculum.