• Center House: 

    The Transition Program is for students who have completed 4 years of high school or are at least 18 years old. Students come from the EN and MLP classrooms in District U-46. The goal is to provide students with a variety of possible post school outcomes in a real life community based program in order to become active, contributing members of the community and maximize each person’s potential. People's’ lives can be divided into 4 basic domains. The Transition Program focuses on these domains: Work, Home, Community Recreation, and Leisure. 

    Central School Programs: 

    Central School Programs is the District’s Public Day Program, serving students with social/emotional problems and developmental disabilities. The social/emotional programs follow the District’s middle and high school curricula, while the program for students with developmental disabilities is vocationally based. Students receive a full range of related services, based upon their IEPs.  The goal for the program is for all students to return to their home school or program. 

    Cross Categorical Programs

    District U-46 provides instructional and resource programs for students with a variety of special education eligibilities, who require specific supports for academic success. Students in the cross categorical programs continue to access the general education curriculum with accommodations and modified supports.  Students are provided interventions to close the achievement gap.  The goal is for all students to be successful and transition full time into a general education classroom. 

    Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program and Services

    A language enriched program that serves special education students with diagnosed hearing losses across the continuum of Special Education placements. Deaf/Hard of Hearing Itinerant services available at all U-46 within the general education classrooms.  Instructional programs offered at Independence Early Learning Center, Horizon Elementary School, and Streamwood High School.  The goal would be to have effective mode(s) of communication to benefit from and access the general education curriculum.