What about Illegal drugs in school?

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Drug issues discovered or reported during school are immediately handled by school staff with the help of the school resource officers. You can report possible drug activity to the District Safety Department at (847) 888-5000 ext. 4263 or on the anonymous tip line of your school.

There are a variety of drug prevention and awareness programs conducted or offered at U-46 schools. Student drug possession is a serious disciplinary matter and can result in a referral to the local police department. More importantly, if a young person is involved with drugs, school and outside services are there to help. Parent awareness is key and essential to prevention and interdiction efforts.

All middle and high schools conduct random checks for drugs in the common areas of schools using specially trained police dogs. These random checks occur during the school day when students are in class so the police K-9 do not have contact with any students. The search area is selected randomly and may include hall lockers, gym lockers and parking lots.