Background Information

  • Student growth measurement will become part of teacher evaluations beginning in Fall of 2016. U-46 established a steering committee to assist in planning what student growth measurement could look like in U-46.  In addition, the PERA Joint Committee was convened in the Fall of 2015: 

    • composed of equal representation selected by the district and its teachers
    • has been meeting to develop a plan for incorporating data and indicators of student growth into the evaluation plan

    Two Student Growth Trials have occurred to provide feedback on the process to both the Steering and Joint Committee.  Those involved in the trial process included:

    • ETA Members
    • Teachers from all areas including non-traditional teachers
      • Librarians
      • Itinerants
      • Coaches
      • Dual language teachers
    • Administrators
      • Principals
      • Asst. Principals
      • Divisionals
      • Deans

    Key Takeaways from the Trials included, but were not limited to:

    • Value in Reflective Partnerships
      • Multiple combinations (teacher & admin, teacher & teacher, teacher with PLC, etc)
      • Collaborated in person and electronically
    • Multiple assessments used
      • Type I, II and III
    • Variety of student groupings
      • whole class, small groups
    • Learning Objectives aligned to standards, SIP, or District Strategic Plan

    2014-2015 Student Growth Committee Members: Judith Arman, Barbara Bettis, Kinasha Brown, Kathryn Castle, Gina Crespo, Francesca DiMaggio, Andrea Erickson, Cyndee Fralick, Maryellyn Friel, Perry Hayes, Laura Hill, Jackie Jagielski, Jack Janezic, Suzanne Johnson, Kathy Jones, Jennifer Kowaczek, Kathy Jones, Juan Lira, Lori Lopez, Apryl Lowe, Terri Lozier, Deb Perryman, Tami Proberts, Matthew Raimondi, Joan Riedel, Doreen Roberts, Sylvia Rodriguez, Missy Ross, Jeff Schultz, Judith Scrima, Larissa Shaw, Jennifer Vincent, Melissa Waxler, Kevin Wiland and Christine Zelaya.

    2015-2016 Student Growth Committee Members:  Ana Arroyo, Sundra Arroyo, Kathryn Castle, Gina Crespo, Cyndee Fralick, Maryellyn Friel, Perry Hayes, Hector Hernandez, Laura Hill, Jackie Jagielski, Jack Janezic, Suzanne Johnson, Juan Lira, Terri Lozier, Shannon Pennington, Matthew Raimondi, Joan Riedel, Sylvia Rodriguez, Melissa Waxler, Celia Banks, and Alisha Wildermuth.

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