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    Algebra 1 Curriculum 


    Algebra 1 Scope & Sequence

    Alcance y Secuencia & Rúbricas en Español

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    1st SemesterLinear Graph

    Foundations of Algebra        

    • Analyze and apply expressions and equations. A.SSE.1, A.CED.1
    • Solve equations and inequalities. A.CED.1, A.REI.1, A.REI.3 
    • Rewrite literal equations. A.CED.4, A.REI.3
    • Solve absolute value equations and inequalities. A.REI.3, A.CED.3 


    • Understand and interpret functions. F.IF.1, F.IF.2
    • Analyze sequences and functions. F.BF.1a, F.BF.2, F.IF.3, F.LE.1, F.IF.6, F.LE.2, F.LE.3
    • Analyze and compare graphs of linear and exponential functions. F.IF.4, F.IF.5, F.IF.6, F.IF.9, F.LE.3, A.REI.10, F.LE.5

    Systems of Equations & Inequalities

    • Solve systems of equations. A.REI.6, A.CED.2, A.CED.4, A.REI.5, A.REI.11
    • Solve and use systems of inequalities in decision making. A.REI.12,  A.CED.3, A.CED.4

    Exponents & Exponential Functions 

    • Investigate rational exponents. N.RN.1, N.RN.2, A.SSE.3c
    • Represent exponential functions. F.BF.1, F.BF.3, F.IF.4, F.IF.5, F.IF.6
    • Analyze growth and decay models. A.CED.2, A.SSE.1b, A.REI.11, F.IF.7e, F.IF.8b, F.LE.1c, F.LE.5, A.SSE.3c


    2nd Semester  Basketball Quadratic


    • Perform operations on polynomials. A.SSE.1, A.APR.1
    • Factor Polynomials. A.SSE.1, A.SSE.2

    Quadratic Functions      

    • Solve quadratic equations. A.REI.4, N.RN.3
    • Analyze quadratic functions. F.IF.8a, A.SSE.3

    Graphs of Non-Linear Functions

    • Analyze graphs of quadratics. F.IF.4, F.IF.5, F.IF.7a, F.IF.8a, F.IF.9, A.CED.1, F.BF.1, F.BF.3
    • Create and analyze non-linear functions. A.CED.2, F.IF.7b
    • Transformations of non-linear functions. F.BF.3

    Descriptive Statistics

    • Represent and analyze data. S.ID.1, S.ID.2, S.ID.3
    • Analyze scatter plots. S.ID.6, S.ID.7, S.ID.8, S.ID.9
    • Interpret two-way frequency tables. S.ID.5