Pre-Calculus Curriculum

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    2019-2020 Scope and Sequence and Rubrics

    District Course Description

    Assessment Dates  Problem Solving Rubric


    1st SemesterGraph


    • Compose and transform functions  F-BF-3(+), F-BF-1c
    • Produce inverse functions F-BF- 4
    • Graph and interpret rational functions F-IF-7 

    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions        

    • Graph and interpret exponential and logarithmic functions  F-IF-7, F-BF-3(+)
    • Use inverse relationships to solve problems F-BF-5 

    Series and Conics

    • Explore sequences
    • Use finite and infinite formulas to solve problems  A-SSE-4 (+)
    • Derive the equations of ellipses and hyperbolas G-GPE-3, G-GPE.2

    2nd Semester Vector Graph


    • Use unit circles and inverse trigonometric functions  F-TF-3, F-TF-4, F-TF-6, F-TF-7
    • Graph and transform trigonometric functions   F-TF-4, F-BF-3(+), F-IF-7e
    • Prove and use trigonometric functions    G-SRT-9, G-SRT.10, G-SRT.11, F-TF-8, F-TF-9

    Coordinate Systems

    • Represent and calculate with vectors    N-VM-1, N-VM-2, N-VM-3, N-VM-4, N-VM-5
    • Represent and calculate complex numbers  N-CN-4, N-CN-3, N-CN-5, N-CN-6       


    • Find limits and continuity    
    • Calculus Prep