Algebra 2 Curriculum and Teacher Resources

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    Algebra 2 Curriculum 


    Algebra 2 Scope & Sequence

    Alcance y Secuencia & Rúbricas en Español

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     1st Semester  Graph Picture

    Real & Complex Soultions (Radicals)

    • Analyze radical functions. A.REI.2, F.IF.7b, F.IF.9, F.BF.3
    • Determine complex quadratic roots. N.CN.1, N.CN.2, N.CN.7


    • Operate with polynomials. A.APR.1, A.APR.4, A.SSE.2, A.SSE.1
    • Explore polynomials factors. A.SSE.3, A.APR.2, A.APR.3, A.APR.6
    • Analyze polynomial functions. A.APR.3, F.IF.4, F.IF.7c, F.IF.6, A.CED.1

    Rational Relationships

    • Develop and solve rational expressions and equations. A.APR.7, A.REI.2, A.SSE.2
    • Represent and compare rational functions. F.IF.7d, F.IF.5, A.REI.11


    • Explore inverse functions (and compositions). F.BF.4, F.BF.1c

    • Explore function transformations. F.IF.7a/b, F.BF.3


     2nd Semester  

    Exponents & Logarithms

    • Represent and model exponential functions. A.CED.1, F.IF.8, F.LE.5, F.IF.7e, F.BF.3, A.REI.11
    • Discover and apply logarithms. F.BF.4, F.BF.5, F.LE.4, F.IF.7e, F.BF.3 

    Multivariate Equations & Inequalities    

    • Investigate linear systems. A.CED.2, A.CED.3, A.REI.12
    • Solve nonlinear systems. A.REI.11, A.REI.7


    • Explore angle measures and the Unit Circle. F.TF.1, F.TF.2, F.TF.3, F.TF.8
    • Represent and apply trigonometric functions. F.IF.7e, F.IF.9, F.TF.5

    Probability & Statistics    

    • Explore and apply rules of conditional probability. S.CP.1, S.CP.2, S.CP.3, S.CP.4, S.CP.5, S.CP.6, S.CP.7, S.CP.8, S.MD.6, S.MD.7
    • Analyze statistical data and explore normal distributions. S.IC.1, S.IC.2, S.IC.3, S.IC.4, S.IC.5, S.IC.6, S.ID.4