Streamwood Magnet AIM 3

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    Scope & Sequence    Alcance & Secuencia


    1st Semester

    Unit 1: Geometric Proofs  (Spanish)

    • Proofs of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines G.GPE.4, G.GPE.5, G.CO.C.9 
    • Proofs of Area and Perimeter G.GPE.6, G.GPE.7, G.SRT.B.4, G.CO.C.10, G.CO.C.11 

    Unit 2: Polynomials and Rationals  (Spanish)

    • Rational Expressions and Equations A.SSE.2, A.REI.2, A.APR.7, A.APR.4, A.APR.6, N.Q.2 
    • Synthetic Division A.APR.2, A.APR.6 
    • Zeros and Graphs of Polynomials A.CED.2, A.APR.3, F.IF.4, F.IF.6, F.IF.7c, F.IF.9, F.BF.3 

    Unit 3:  Exponentials and Logarithms  (Spanish)

    • Solving Exponentials and Logarithms A.CED.1, F.BF.4, F.BF.5, F.IF.9, F.LE.4 
    • Modeling Exponentials and Logarithms F.LE.4 
    • Graphing Exponentials and Logarithms A.CED.2, F.IF.4, F.IF.6, F.BF.3, F.IF.7e 


    2nd Semester

    Unit 4: Probability & Statistics  (Spanish)

    • Probability  S.CP.1, S.CP.2, S.CP.3, S.CP.4, S.CP.5, S.CP.6, S.CP.7, S.CP.8, S.CP.9 
    • Statistics  S.IC.3, S.IC.4, S.IC.5, S.IC.6 
    • Project  S.IC.3, S.IC.1, S.IC.2, S.ID.6, S.ID.4 

    Unit 5: Trigonometry  (Spanish)

    • Unit Circle A.SSE.2, F.IF.4, F.IF.6, F.IF.9, F.TF.1, F.TF.2, F.TF.8 
    • Create & Graph F.IF.7e, F.BF.3 
    • Modeling F.TF.5