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    Geometry Curriculum 


    Geometry Scope & Sequence

    Alcance y Secuencia & Rúbricas en Español

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    1st SemesterCongruent Figures

    Geometric Transformations

    • Explore the building blocks of geometry. G.CO.1
    • Explore with transformations. G.CO.2, G.CO.3, G.CO.4, G.CO.5 
    • Investigate and apply congruence definitions. G.CO.6, G.CO.7

    Coordinate Plane & Intersecting Lines

    • Explore in the coordinate plane. G.GPE.4, G.GPE.6, G.GPE.7
    • Explore congruence constructions. G.CO.12, .G.GPE.4
    • Explore parallel and perpendicular lines. G.CO.12, G.GPE.5
    • Prove theorems about lines and angles. G.GPE.4, G.CO.9

    Triangle Geometry

    • Prove congruence theorems. G.CO.8, G.CO.10, G.SRT.5
    • Construct special triangles and angles. G.CO.9, G.CO.12, G.CO.13


    • Use dilations to show figures similar. G.SRT.1, G.SRT.2
    • Explain and prove similarity theorems. G.CO.10, G.SRT.3, G.SRT.4, G.SRT.5, G.MG.3
    • Apply similarity theorems (Extension /Honors Only). G.SRT.2, G.SRT.5

    2nd SemesterTriangle Trig


    • Investigate right triangle trigonometry. G.SRT.6, G.SRT.7 , G.SRT.8
    • Solve applied problems involving trigonometry (Extension /Honors only). G.SRT.10, G.SRT.11, N.Q.3, G.MG.3


    • Investigate circles and apply formulas. G.C.1, G.C.2, G.C.4, G.C.5, G.GMD.1
    • Investigate and interpret circle equations. G.GPE.1, G.GPE.4
    • Investigate concurrency in triangles. G.CO.10, G.C.3

    Quadrilaterals & Other Polygons

    • Construct and explore polygons. G.CO.13, G.C.3
    • Prove and apply theorems about quadrilaterals. G.CO.11, G.GPE.4

    3D Figures

    • Investigate cross-sections and rotations. G.GMD.4, G.MG.1, G.MG.3
    • Develop and apply volume formulas. G.MG.1, G.MG.2, G.MG.3, G.GMD.1, G.GMD.2, G.GMD.3