2018 Superintendent's Scholarship Recipients

Bartlett High School

  • Steven Phan

    Steven Phan

    Steven Phan said his four years at Bartlett High School taught him that hard work breeds success like the work that earned him the Superintendent’s Scholarship. (cont'd)

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  • Alden Williams

    Alden Williams

    Alden Williams said he has learned the value of education at home, and he plans to become the first member of his family to earn a degree. (cont'd)

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  • Ummie Ansari

    Ummie Ansari

    Ummie Ansari said high school taught her that things, given the chance, will usually work themselves out. (cont'd)

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  • Emilia Sordyl

    Emilia Sordyl

    After she graduates from Bartlett High School, Emilia Sordyl plans to study speech and hearing science. (cont'd)

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  • Cindy Alba

    Cindy Alba

    Cindy Alba said the greatest lessons she learned at Bartlett High School were not in a textbook. (cont'd)

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Elgin High School

Larkin High School

  •  Ezzry Leon

    Ezzry Leon

    Larkin High School Senior Ezzry Leon says he didn’t value his education soon enough, (cont'd)

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  • Emily Renteria

    Emily Renteria

    For Emily Renteria, high school was more than a place where she went to school. (cont'd)

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  • Justin Kelsey

    Justin Kelsey

    Justin Kelsey, a Larkin High School senior, will be the first person in his family to attend college, and he said it was a feat that required perseverance. (cont'd)

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  • Monserrat Rivera

    Monserrat Rivera

    Larkin High School Senior Monserrat Rivera plans to study psychology in college, but her motto comes straight out of English class. (cont'd)

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  • Sheila Vasquez

    Sheila Vasquez

    Larkin High School Senior Sheila Vasquez said it’s easy to spend a lot of time on Facebook or Instagram. (cont'd)

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South Elgin High School

Streamwood High School

  • Adriana D’Souza

    Adriana D’Souza

    Receiving the Superintendent’s Scholarship showed Adriana D’Souza the wide-open possibilities in her future. (cont'd)

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  • Brianna Roldan

    Brianna Roldan

    In her time at Streamwood High School, Brianna Roldan learned she had a flair for theater. (cont'd)

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  • Bryan Lopez

    Bryan Lopez

    Bryan Lopez said he learned in high school that it’s always better to take your best shot. (cont'd)

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  • Monica Kulasik

    Monica Kulasik

    Streamwood Senior Monica Kulasik said her time in high school taught her to value any opportunity that comes your way. (cont'd)

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  • Vanessa Garcia

    Vanessa Garcia

    Vanessa Garcia will be the first in her immediate family to attend college, and she has simple advice for other students who hope to achieve the same goal. (cont'd)

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