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  • Dream Academy Principal Krystal Bush Please note that we recorded all speeches prior to the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent societal discussion and protests. Our U-46 high school principals shared some thoughts on this critical moment in our nation’s history. This message can be viewed in English here: and in Spanish here:

Class of 2020 By The Numbers

  • Total number of graduates: 2,745

    Number of Bartlett High School graduates: 592

    Number of Elgin High School graduates: 624

    Number of Larkin High School graduates: 463

    Number of South Elgin High School graduates: 628

    Number of Streamwood High School graduates: 438


    Total Graduates in the Dual Credit Program: 47

    Bartlett High School: 5 students

    Elgin High School: 2 students

    Larkin High School: 7 students

    South Elgin High School: 16 students

    Streamwood High School: 17 students


    Total Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy: 182

    Spanish: 164 students

    Polish: 9 students

    French: 9 students


    Total Commendation Toward Biliteracy: 252

    Spanish: 202 students

    French: 24 students

    Polish: 10 students

    German: 3 students

    Italian: 1 students

    Hindi: 1 students

    Arabic: 1 students


    Total Top 2 Percent Graduates: 52 

Dual Credit Student
Superintendent's Scholarship Recipient
Top 2% Student