Elgin High School

  • Edgar Ivan Montes

    Edgar Ivan Montes

    Montes, a 2012 Elgin High School (EHS) graduate, works as the Key Account Strategist for Junior Achievement (JA) of Chicago where he engages with prominent business leaders and JA volunteers.

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  •  rosa salazar

    Rosa Salazar

    School District U-46 became a supportive castmate for Salazar when her family moved to Elgin when she was about nine.

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  • Laura DeHaan Haske

    Laura DeHaan Haske

    Laura DeHaan Haske was in the Gifted and Talented Academy's first graduating class of students in 2001. Her studies took her to two different cities, but she made her way back to the Elgin area.

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  •  Corey Dixon

    Corey Dixon

    In his day job, Elgin City Councilman Corey Dixon works as a Kane County Sheriff’s Department administrator, overseeing programs that help jail detainees prepare for a productive life.

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  •  Wayne Smith

    Wayne L. Smith

    After a detour into auto mechanic work, Elgin High School graduate Wayne Smith took a deep dive into a beloved hobby and emerged with a satisfying and richly rewarding career.

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Larkin High School

  •  Joanna Torres

    Joanna Torres

    When Joanna Torres was a junior at Larkin High School, her sister who worked at the Elgin State Bank put in a good word that helped her land a job as a part-time teller.

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  •  nate christenson

    Nate Christenson

    Nate Christenson attended the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Larkin High School and entered college with an eye toward a theater degree. But he found a second act in the advertising industry.

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  •  Elizabeth Flood

    Elizabeth Flood

    When Elizabeth Flood was deciding on a career, she knew she wanted two things: First, a job she would enjoy doing because, after all, you’ll spend a lot of time at work. And second, she wanted to pursue a career that involved public service.

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  •  Tony Pellegrino

    Tony Pellegrino

    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, the saying goes, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. The size of the fight in 2005 Larkin High School graduate Tony Pellegrino is considerable, and he has the resume to back it up.

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  • Michael Oine

    Michael Oine

    Elgin Fire Department Captain Michael Oine found inspiration for his career close to home. The inspiration was actually inside his family home, sitting at the dinner table.

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Bartlett High School

  •  Jacob Yarwood

    Jacob Yarwood

    Six years ago, Jacob Yarwood was an academic high achiever in Bartlett High School’s Science, Engineering and Technology Academy program. Now he literally reaches for the sky as an officer and pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

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  •  Pat Sutphin

    Pat Sutphin

    Pat Sutphin has been scuba diving and skydiving. He’s investigated paranormal activity, and he crawled through a cave trying to solve a decades-old missing person case. His passport for all that adventure has been a camera.

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  • Chris Bukowski

    Chris Bukowski

    Known for his time on "The Bachelor" franchise, BHS graduate Chris Bukowski has achieved success in several industries.

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  •  Dr. Brian Poustinchian

    Dr. Brian Poustinchian

    Keeping things in balance has been a lifelong theme for Dr. Brian Poustinchian.

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  • Lissette Beltran

    Lissette Beltran

    Lissette Beltran does not take “no” for an answer. And as a result, her career — and her dreams — are about to achieve liftoff.

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Streamwood High School

  • Elgin Police Chief Ana Lalley

    Ana Lalley

    As a kid growing up in Streamwood, Ana Lalley would often travel the streets in and out of nearby Elgin, not suspecting that one day she would be the person ultimately responsible for keeping those streets safe.

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  • Ursula Gordon

    Ursula Gordon

    Ursula Gordon thought she was headed to law school when a career in business beckoned instead. She enjoys management, in part, because she is able to mentor others and help them realize their career goals.

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  • Joceline Jimenez

    Joceline Jimenez

    Joceline Jimenez works as a User Experience designer for pharmaceutical company AbbVie, located in Chicago's north suburbs.

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  • Tyler Dietrich

    Tyler Dietrich

    Aviation is not just a flight of fancy for 2017 Streamwood High School graduate Tyler Dietrich.

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  • Brandon Hendrickson

    Brandon Hendrickson

    For many people, it’s not unusual to put on a few pounds or more after graduating from high school. For Brandon Hendrickson, it turned out to be about 70 pounds.

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South Elgin High School

  • Mario Calero

    Mario Calero

    A love of televised competition — and a little guidance and experience from the Broadcast Education and Communications Network Academy — helped get Mario Calero into the game.

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  • Jackie Cotton

    Jackie Cotton

    For South Elgin High School Class of 2012 graduate Jackie Cotton, the curtain has gone up on an exciting career in show business.

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  • Mia Atkins

    Mia Atkins

    The bright lights have gone on for “Living Local,” an hourlong lifestyles program on Fox affiliate KXRM in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And there at the anchor desk, right in the middle of things, is Mia Atkins.

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  • Ryan Jenkins

    Ryan Jenkins

    The good news for Ryan Jenkins is, he knows exactly what his dream job is. The bad news? That job may not yet exist.

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