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    School District U-46 is known for its award-winning Dual Language program. To ensure it remains a preeminent program, the District is having an audit conducted during the 2023-24 school year that will evaluate instruction, structures, hiring practices, and professional development. The evaluation is designed to affirm and highlight the current practices, as well as identify areas for growth within the program in order to ensure that U-46 is best addressing the strengths and needs of our Dual Language students.

Parent Interviews

  • As part of the audit, U-46 is looking for parents and guardians of children in our Dual Language program to provide feedback on their family’s experience.

    Interviews will be conducted of parents who have children in a Dual Language preschool classroom or elementary-age children (kindergarten through 6th grade) in Dual Language. The interviews, which will last about an hour, will all take place over Zoom on the following dates:

    If you have questions, please contact the Multilingual & Multicultural Education Department via Let’s Talk