Tristan Cruz











What school will you be attending in the fall? 
The Ohio State University.


What is the most important thing you learned in high school? 
To invest in something early so it becomes easier in the long run: be it sports, school, etc.

What is your favorite high school memory?
Winning state for cheer this past February and proving everyone who doubted us wrong.

What was your favorite class or learning experience? 
My favorite class was Algebra 3-4 my freshman year. Simply because I had a bunch of friends and the seniors in the class were always goofing off.

Share your best advice for incoming freshmen. 
Don’t take this time in high school for granted, because it’ll be over before you know it and you’ll wish you had more time with your friends.

What or who do you account for your academic success and ranking in the top 2 percent of your senior class? 
I definitely account myself for my academic success. While the teachers may have taught me the content, I’m the controller of my own success and the reason I did well in class.

What are you learning about yourself and the world as we collectively face this global pandemic?
I’m learning how independent I can already be due to this pandemic, and how I can still be successful remotely.