Brynne Farnsworth










What school will you be attending in the fall? 
Brigham Young University

I will be majoring in English and minoring in history and creative writing

What is the most important thing you learned in high school? 
I learned to let myself take chances more often and be stronger. Between learning to shake off getting hit while pitching, playing solos in Academy, being high brass section leader, learning a new instrument, and doing projects, it's become somewhat easier for me to branch out and step outside of my comfort zone. While I'm still not the most confident, my high school experiences have helped me build some up.

What is your favorite high school memory? 
My favorite memories are being in band and playing softball all 4 years.

What was your favorite class or learning experience? 
My favorite class experience was getting professionally recorded in Wind Ensemble, twice. Devoting a full day to playing your best is exhausting but the hard work pays off. I got to be with my friends for the whole day, while doing something we love. Plus, it's exciting to be able to play a CD for your friends and family and point out your playing.

Share your best advice for incoming freshmen. 
Time management is important! Get your homework done, but don't spend too much time stressed out over it. Have fun in sports and clubs and/or with your friends but remember to keep up with your studies! Also, don't be afraid to try new things! If it doesn't work out, that's okay. There is a chance it will and you'll discover new things about yourself.

What or who do you account for your academic success and ranking in the top 2 percent of your senior class? 
God gifted me with the intelligence, abilities, and work ethic I needed to reach this point and I am grateful for what He has given me.