Adrianne Sevilla


What school will you be attending in the fall? 
Elgin Community College.


What is the most important thing you learned in high school? 
Hard work pays off in the end. You have to persevere enough to see those results.

What is your favorite high school memory? 
Spending time in academy and being able to learn more about art; as well as becoming friends with the people I am with now.

What was your favorite class or learning experience? 
My favorite class would be Academy (Art Academy.)

Share your best advice for incoming freshmen. 
Work hard but still have fun, because you'll never experience high school again. You shouldn't regret the time you spend in these four years.

What or who do you account for your academic success and ranking in the top 2 percent of your senior class? 
I would account my parents for my academic success and ranking in the top 2 percent.