Anthony Ruiz, EHS Class of 2016

Anthony Ruiz, EHS Class of 2016

Anthony Ruiz, an Elgin High School 2016 graduate, was not only the first in his family to complete high school but was among 25 first-generation students selected to receive the 2016 Superintendent’s Scholarship.

A lot of students end up at college and have a hard time figuring what career to pursue once they are finished. Anthony Ruiz didn’t have that issue.

“Since second grade, I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer,” said the Class of 2016 alum.

Anthony is a freshman at the University of Illinois, majoring in psychology with plans to earn a second major at the university’s well-regarded school of business. He wants to get a business degree because it offers many practical applications. From there, he plans to attend law school and ultimately specialize in a field of law where the goal is greater than just making a comfortable living, but one where there is community or public benefit.

“It’s a very competitive field, but I think you can still do well if you’re willing to work hard,” Anthony said about his future career.

Anthony, who is the son of Glendi Soto of Elgin, used the Superintendent’s Scholarship, along with a few others he received, to defray the cost of tuition and textbooks.