Iveth Prado, EHS Class of 2016

Iveth Prado, EHS Class of 2016

A desire to seek insight into human behavior led 2016 Elgin High School graduate Iveth Prado to the study of psychology.

“It’s really interesting to know how the mind operates and what motivates people,” said Iveth, who just completed her first semester at North Central College in Naperville.

The study of psychology holds a personal interest for Iveth, who has dealt with depression that first appeared when she was a junior in high school. She said she went to her doctor and was treated, and went back again for treatment when she had a setback.

These days, Iveth feels much better. She openly discussed her depression because it’s important to reduce the stigma attached to mental illnesses.

For Iveth, managing college-level coursework, along with summoning the level of personal responsibility required to see it through, has been highly motivating. In addition to her psychology major, Iveth is studying wellness and human resources management; even though she would like to become a psychologist, she wanted to be exposed to different possibilities to have greater options when she graduates.

Iveth spent some of her Superintendent’s Scholarship grant money for books, and she banked the rest to help fund her future education, saying "I want to keep moving forward."