• Overview of Music Education in U-46

    All students who participate in School District U-46 Music Programs will experience a comprehensive and well-rounded musical education.  Students in School District U-46 receive weekly music in grades 1-6, and elective course offerings in music are available for selection by students in grades 7-12.  Music Program courses include options in band, orchestra, chorus, and music theory.  Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity for experiences which fully develop the ability to effectively express themselves through music.  We believe that all students should be given the opportunity to develop their musical potential to the fullest degree possible through a sequentially-coordinated music curriculum, while meeting National Core Arts Standards, the Illinois Arts Learning Standards, as well as School District U-46 learning outcomes.  Students will be empowered to continue to perform, enjoy, and appreciate music for the rest of their lives.


    Mission Statement of the Music Department

    Music is an essential part of every person’s experience. It is a universal language that connects people from every part of the world, creating a sense of cultural unity and community. Our mission is to foster the development of lifelong musicians and supporters of the arts by providing opportunities for creativity, exploration, and expression. 


    Learn more about the U-46 music curriculum offerings for students at each level of education:

    Elementary School (K-6)              Middle School (7-8)             High School (9-12)


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