• Overview of Art Education in U-46

    In School District U-46, elementary school students in grades 1-6 receive one art lesson each week.  In elementary art, students learn about artists, a variety of techniques and media, the elements and principles of art, and how to appreciate art.  They establish the foundational technical and critical skills needed to develop their inner artist.

    In middle school, School District U-46 students have the opportunity to select art as one of their elective course options.  Students have the opportunity to study art for all four semesters of middle school. During these classes, the students learn more advanced 2-dimensional techniques in areas such as drawing and painting, and 3-dimensional techniques in areas such as sculpture and ceramics to help prepare them for continued studies in high school art.  

    Each U-46 high school offers a variety of more specific art elective course options for students.  Course strand sequences are laid out to help the student continue to hone their skills and abilities in 2-dimensional art, 3-dimensional art, commercial art, digital art, and photography.  

    As students develop artistically, their work may be showcased in local, state, and/or national art shows, including the annual shows hosted by U-46.


    Mission Statement of the Art Department

    The mission of the U-46 visual arts department is to foster the development of lifelong artists and supporters of the arts; we strive to provide all students with opportunities for creativity, exploration, expression, and creative problem-solving, thus increasing the visual literacy of each student.  The skills used to create art improve critical thinking, educational achievement, and develop increased empathy towards others. Through these opportunities, students will understand that art is an essential part of every person’s experience.  It is a universal language that connects all people from every part of the world, creating a sense of identity,  cultural unity, and community, regardless of time, location, or background.


    Learn more about the U-46 art curriculum offerings for students at each level of education:

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