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  • The Elgin Mariachi Education Workshop is hosted annually by School District U-46, in conjunction with Music Education Consultants, Inc.

    During the workshop, participants will engage in instruction on all Mariachi instruments (except harp), Mariachi history and culture, song styles and techniques, best performance practices, and will receive program-building resources to support the implementation of a Mariachi education program at their school/district.  All instructional materials will be provided, and participants are asked to bring a guitar, violin, and/or trumpet with them to the workshop.  Instruction will be available at a beginning level or an intermediate/advanced level in 2023.

    • June 12-16, 2023
    • 7:30am-4:30pm daily
    • 2023 Registration Fees: Professional - $500, Undergraduate Student - $100 

    Registration information will be coming soon.  Please check back for updates, and contact Jaimie Giraldo (jaimiegiraldo@u-46.org) for more information.