• Physical Education


    Mission and Vision



  • School District U-46 will provide a Comprehensive Physical Education program that is dedicated to creating an environment that allows students to understand and to display cooperative social skills, teamwork, peer interaction, leadership, sportsmanship, positive attitude, self-esteem, and enjoyment. The curriculum will create an environment that focuses on current information, technology, and equipment to meet the needs of individual students.

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  • The mission of U-46 Physical Education is to promote lifelong learning, recognizing the value of personal development in the physical, affective and cognitive domains. Furthermore, to instill individual ownership in the continual growth necessary to be a responsible, productive and contributing member of society.

  • The mission and vision of the district have guided the development of a curriculum created not only to meet Illinois State Standards but to establish goals that reflect the specific needs of students in U-46. Because the curriculum is concept-based, it reaches far beyond just teaching a variety of activities. Students focus on concepts such as teamwork and related skills like cooperation and communication.  They learn how these concepts and skills can be applied to any PE activity as well as other aspects of their everyday life. This establishes the link between lifelong concepts and essential skills.

    The curriculum is implemented by high school teachers under the direction of a Physical Education Administrator. 

    In the middle school program, teachers are supervised by the school principal.  

    The Student Wellness Coordinator oversees the development and implementation of a comprehensive K-12 physical education curriculum.