Physical Education Exemption

  • Seven semesters of physical education (PE) are required for graduation from U46 high schools. If you are requesting to be exempt from PE for the upcoming school year. it is important that you understand and acknowledge the terms conditions which accompany this exemption and that you submit the paperwork by the deadline.  No late submissions will be processed.

    The School District U-46 Board of Education approved some new allowable exemptions from physical education classes for seventh through 12th graders.

    The District remains committed to providing physical education for our students. We recognize that these classes can form the foundation for lifelong healthy habits and participation in individual and team sports. At the same time, our parents and students have sought flexibility in recent years to better support students’ academic interests and career paths. The District sought and received a PE waiver through the Illinois State Board of Education. This has allowed U46  to re-evaluate the current exemptions we have in place and develop exemptions that balance the importance of physical education while striving to meet the physical, social, emotional, and academic needs of all students.

    These exemptions are outlined below. The form must be signed by the student, parent, counselor, and principal or designated administrator.  These forms need to be renewed each year.


    Middle School PE Exemption FormMS PE Exemption Form

    Formulario de exención de educación física en español de MS

    High School PE Exemption Form

    Formulario de exención de educación física en español de HS


    *Students enrolled in Independent Physical Education are not eligible for PE Exemptions.  Please talk to your counselor about choosing another PE class if you are interested in a PE exemption.