• PE Curriculum

  • Standards Used to Develop Curriculum:

    The state of Illinois released a report in August 2013 calling for new benchmarks and strategies to improve and increase physical education classes, noting the latest neuroscience research linking physical activity with academic success.

    For more information about the physical education state and national standards used for developing curriculum, please click on the links below.

    Illinois State Board of Education PE Standards

    Shape America National PE Standards

Elementary School Physical Education

  • The Elementary School Physical Education Curriculum focuses on cognitive content and instruction designed to develop gross motor skills, knowledge and behaviors that promote physical activity and fitness.

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Middle School Physical Education

  • The Middle School Physical Education curriculum focuses on these areas: Moderate to Vigorous Skills/Target Heart Rate, Fitness Concepts, Movement Principles, Personal Responsibility/Cooperative Skills.  Students will learn how to use a heart rate monitor to maintain their fitness level and make adjustments to insure a healthy, active lifestyle.  We want to create environments that foster positive social skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.

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High School Physical Education

  • The High School Physical Education Curriculum focuses on concepts that are aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards, certification opportunities to support the College and Career Pathways initiative and the changing needs of the students in U46.

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