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    The U-46 Instructional Council is a Districtwide advisory group focused on supporting student achievement. Members include teachers, administrators, and community members who serve staggered three-year terms. The Instructional Council considers programs, courses, and initiatives from throughout the District, and makes recommendations to the Superintendent and Board of Education related to instructional areas, curriculum, resources and instructional materials, and other issues that significantly impact student learning.

    The role of the Instructional Council is to facilitate, monitor, and provide support, direction, and appropriate communication as curriculum is developed or modified. The Instructional Council is the body charged with making recommendations on major instructional and curricular initiatives, which may be presented on an informational or action basis. Recommendations on action items are submitted to the CEO for presentation to the Board of Education to determine final action. Presentations to the Instructional Council may include: instructional strategies, new or revised curricula, instructional materials, assessment strategies, research, experimental or pilot projects, and matters related to the philosophy and educational goals of the District.

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