What is the Community Advisory Council?

  • The Community Advisory Council is a group of parents and community members that live within District U-46 boundaries who represent the needs, ideas, and concerns of our schools and communities, and assist the Board of Education in providing the best possible education for all students. The CAC serves as one of the voices for the community at a district level. We represent you, your neighbor, the business owner on the corner, and every student in this district – and active community participation is vital to the progressive success of this district.

    The Community Advisory Council is a unique group in that we have an up-close opportunity to positively impact our district’s future through active community involvement. There are few other school systems that welcome such direct involvement by parents and community members. The Council is also a great way to keep up to date on what is happening in the district. As a member, you have the opportunity to interact with members of the Board of Education and U-46 staff, as well as other interested community members and parents, and learn more about district initiatives and happenings through updates at the monthly General Council Meetings. 

    History and Mission

    “The goal of the Community Advisory Council is to advise and assist the Board of Education and Administration in the ongoing effort to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the students of School District U-46.”

    An officially constituted advisory body to the Board of Education, the Community Advisory Council has been assisting the Board for almost a half a century. Each year, the council undertakes various projects and studies aimed at helping the district achieve its objectives, including:

    • developing areas for specific study and recommendations
    • assisting in identifying means to achieve district objectives
    • providing a forum for interested members of U-46 communities to express thoughts and ideas to the Board and administration

    While Council recommendations and studies are not binding to the Board of Education, our work is well received, and the District has adopted many of our recommendations. Some of the council’s work adopted by the Board include the high school Academy program for gifted students and boundary maps for elementary, middle, and high schools.