• Online Registration Agreements

    We are providing a list of some of the lengthier agreements that parents will be asked to "sign-off" while filling out the Online Registration application. These are being provided as they appear, or as links to documentation, for your convenience.

    We suggest reviewing this information before registering your students to help you move more quickly through your application.

    We hope you find this useful. If you have any question please contact the Registration Office or your child's school.

    All Students - Handbook - Student Records

    All Students - Code of Conduct (School Safety and Culture)

    After a review of the Code of Conduct, parents are required to sign-off on the following:

    _ I hereby acknowledge that I have been notified of, read and understand the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct Agreement.

    All Students - Release Agreement - Media

    Students may occasionally appear in photographs and videotapes taken by school or district staff members, other students, or other authorized officials. The school/district may use these images in various publications, including the school newspaper, district newsletter, school/district website, or any other district publication; the students may or may not be identified by name with their image. Parents who do not want their student's photograph/image or work to be published in print, video or on the Web should provide written notice indicating their request to the school on an annual basis before the beginning of the school year.

    Please select one.*

    _ YES - As a parent, I grant consent to School District U-46 to publish the photographs/images/work of my child in any school or District sponsored material, publication, videotape, or website, or to release it to outside entities such as the news media.

    _ NO - As a parent, I do not grant consent to School District U-46 to publish the photographs/images/work of my child in any school or District sponsored material, publication, videotape, or website, or to release it to outside entities such as the news media.

    (Please note: This is not an agreement to purchase student portraits.)

    All Students Release Agreement - Directory Release

    *School District personnel may release "directory information" concerning students to members of the general public upon request. "Directory information" includes the following: student's name, address, and email address; parents' name, address, telephone, and email address; birth date; gender; grade level; academic awards and honors; participation in school-sponsored activities; organizations and athletics; major field of study; and period of attendance in school. Parents who request that directory information not be released should notify the school on an annual basis before the beginning of the school year.

    Directory Release

    _ YES - I request that my student's directory information be included in school publications that may be released to the public.
    _ NO - I request that my student's directory information not be released to the general public or included in school publications.
    Please note that by electing to opt out of directory information publication, your student's directory information will not be in the school student directory, activity or athletic programs, school newsletters, local newspaper articles, graduation or vendor listings such as class rings, caps and gowns, and graduation announcements. You will need to contact the companies directly. Parents are advised that they cannot select specific items to be included or withheld.
    YEARBOOK - requesting my student to be excluded from Directory Information DOES NOT exclude the publishing of my student's name, portrait, works or other photographs in the school yearbook. Parents who do NOT want their student's name, portrait, works or other photographs to appear in the school yearbook should notify the school office on an annual basis before the beginning of the school year.

    All StudentsStudent Acceptable use of Technology*

    The Board of Education recognizes that technology is a tool for instruction which should facilitate and enhance the curricular goals of the District. Internet access is one of the technology tools that can provide positive learning experiences for students.

    Because of the unique nature of technology, the staff will provide guidance and instruction to students in the appropriate use of that resource. Those responsible for student technology access will monitor its use so that maximum instructional benefit will result. The District’s electronic network is part of the curriculum and is not a public forum for general use. Users should not expect that email or files stored on District servers will be private. The District reserves the right to log technology use, to monitor file server space utilization by users, and to examine users’ files and materials as needed, and at its discretion. Users must recognize that there is no assurance of confidentiality with respect to access to transmissions and files by persons outside, or from persons inside the District


    All students in grades 1-12 in School District U-46 will be provided a district-issued Chromebook to be used throughout the school day, as well as at home during the evenings and weekends to support their learning. Students in PreK and Kindergarten will receive a district-issued iPad. These devices will allow improved implementation of the Board approved curriculum and curricular resources. Over the last five years, the District has invested in numerous curricular resources for core instruction as well as interventions that are technology-based. Moving to one-to-one in all grade levels will allow students greater access to curriculum resources, interventions and progress monitoring tools.

    The school district will retain ownership of the devices, but will check them out to the students for the entire school year as a tool to support their learning. In order for this to be successful, students need to take responsibility for the device loaned to them - similar to checking out books from the library or being assigned textbooks. Each device will be marked with a district provided Asset Tag sticker and device ID sticker and will be checked out to the designated student using the District’s online inventory management system. Students may not tamper with or remove any device identification stickers or labels. In addition, students are strongly discouraged from decorating their district-issued technology in any way. Any damage resulting from physical modifications may result in a damage fee and possible loss of use.

    We have found that if your daughter/son uses proper care, especially while transporting the device, the risk of damage is minimal. If a device is accidentally damaged, there will be no charge to the student for repair. If it is determined that the damage was not accidental, the student may be charged the full repair or replacement cost. In addition, if the device is lost, the student will be charged the full replacement cost similar to how the District handles lost textbooks currently. This provision will also be noted in the student handbook.

    If damage to the device occurs while your student has the device off of school grounds, please notify the school and return the damaged device immediately the next day. In addition, in the case of suspected theft, please immediately contact local law enforcement to file a police report. Please share a copy of the police report with your school to allow the school district to assist the police in recovering the stolen device. If the device is verified as stolen and a police report is filed, the student will not be charged the replacement cost.

    Students are responsible for good behavior on District and school computer networks just as they are in a classroom or a school hallway. General school rules for behavior and communications apply.

    Permission to use the District and school’s technology, including Internet, email, and other collaborative online tools is dependent upon a student and his/her parent or guardian signing the Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement. Signing this form shows that the student understands and will follow the District and school’s technology/computer rules.

    Please understand that any student email account is a form of communication, is transitory in nature and will not be construed as a Student record. The District also does not backup or archive the cloud-based application and data storage services that may be available to students, so any data that is permanently deleted from those services cannot be restored.

    The Opportunities and Risks of Technology Use
    With access to computers and people all over the world comes the potential availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of the school setting, or that may be harmful or disruptive. Because information on networks is transitory and diverse, the District cannot completely predict or control what users may or may not locate. The Board of Education believes that the educational value of limited access to the information, interaction, and research capabilities that technology offers outweighs the possibility that users may obtain or encounter material that is not consistent with the educational goals of the District.

    In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the District installs and operates filtering software to limit users’ internet access to materials that are obscene, pornographic, harmful to children, or otherwise inappropriate, notwithstanding that such software may in certain cases block access to other materials as well. At the same time, the District cannot guarantee that filtering software will in all instances successfully block access to materials deemed harmful, indecent, offensive, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate. The use of filtering software does not negate or otherwise affect the obligations of users to abide by the terms of this Policy and to refrain from accessing such inappropriate materials.

    No technology is guaranteed to be error-free or totally dependable, nor is it safe when used irresponsibly. Among other matters, the District is not liable or responsible for:

    1. any information that may be lost, damaged, or unavailable due to technical or other difficulties;
    2. the accuracy or suitability of any information that is retrieved through technology;
    3. breaches of confidentiality;
    4. defamatory material; or
    5. the consequences that may come from failure to follow the District’s policy and procedures governing the use of technology.

    Student Users of Technology Will:

    • Use or access District technology only for educational purposes.
    • Comply with copyright laws and software licensing agreements.
    • Understand that email and network files are not private. Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and monitor responsible student use.
    • Respect the privacy rights of others.
    • Be responsible at all times for the proper use of technology, including proper use of access privileges, complying with all required system security identification codes, and not sharing any codes or passwords.
    • Maintain the integrity of technological resources from potentially damaging messages, physical abuse, or viruses.
    • Abide by the policies and procedures of networks and systems linked by technology.

    Student Users of Technology Will Not:

    • Access, download, create, send or display offensive messages or pictures.
    • Use harassing, offensive, obscene or defamatory language.
    • Harass or attack others.
    • Vandalize or damage computer equipment, systems, networks, hardware, software, data or programs.
    • Spread computer viruses.
    • Violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements.
    • Use others' passwords or accounts.
    • Misrepresent themselves or others.
    • Trespass in others' folders, work, or files, or gain unauthorized access to resources or entities.
    • Reveal their personal address or phone number, or those of other users.
    • Use District technology for non-school purposes or personal financial gain.
    • Use technology for any illegal purpose or activity.

    Disciplinary Actions
    Violations of this Policy, or any administrative regulations and guidelines governing the use of technology may result in disciplinary action which could include loss of network access, loss of technology use, suspension or expulsion, or other appropriate disciplinary action. Violations of local, state or federal law may subject students to prosecution by appropriate law enforcement authorities.

    Additional Rules/Actions
    The superintendent may establish regulations and guidelines and shall take appropriate action to implement this Policy.

    Note to Parents: District staff may not request or require a student to provide a password or other related account information in order to gain access to the student's account or profile on a social networking website if the district has reasonable cause to believe that the student's account on a social networking website contains evidence that the student has violated a disciplinary rule or policy.

  • Grades 7-12 - PE Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor Data Collection in Physical Education

    The physical education curriculum incorporates the use of heart rate monitors. The students will use a Polar heart rate monitor during physical education class. The instructional purpose is to teach students about target heart rate and how to maintain their target heart rate during physical activity. By signing below, you are providing consent for your student’s data to be collected and utilized for instruction and individual student growth.

    _Yes, I consent.

    _No, I do not consent.

    Grades 7-12 - Science Laboratory Safety Procedures

    All students will be asked to sign a Science Laboratory Safety Procedure agreement. They will be expected to understand all rules, safety practices, and regulations governing conduct in the science laboratory, and that violations may result in the students removal from the science class or other consequences determined by the instructor.

    _I agree that my child can participate and will follow procedures in the Science Laboratory