• Current Family Registration Guide

    Registration for 2023-24

    Late Registration is still available.
    (Please read all of the information below before starting the annual registration)  

    Late Registration (currently enrolled students)

    • Students registered after the deadline may see a delay in transportation or classroom assignment, may not be able to attend summer school or sports camps or participate in IHSA activities.
    • Students in middle and high school not fully registered by July 17th will not have access to their schedules until full registration is complete.
      • Online registration is submitted
      • Residency and other required documentation turned in and up-to-date
      • Health requirements turned in)
    • Please do not delay!

    STEP 1 - Online Registration using your Infinite Campus Parent account
    Once logged in, please go to the MORE tab on the left side of your screen, select MORE, and Online Registration, then Existing Students so you can register all of your students at one time, including new Kindergarten students, younger children you would like tested for preschool and private school transfers.
    (See Using Infinite Campus Parent information below.)

    Unfortunately, smartphones cannot be used to fill out the Online Registration Application

    STEP 2 - Contact your school
    You will need to provide your application number, required documentation and forms or changes to household information.

    Registration fees have been waived for the 2023-24 school year. 

    Detailed Instructions

    Step 1
    Using Infinite Campus Parent

    Families who currently have students enrolled at U-46 please use this link to login to Infinite Campus Parent.
    ALL students are required to be registered annually.

    Once Logged in, please go to the MORE tab on the left side of your screen and select Online Registration from the center section.
    You will be registering all of your students at the same time. (If you do not see the More tab, use the menu icon on the top left of the Infinite Campus Parent screen.

    2023-2024 : 
    You will be adding any new students to the STUDENT section after you have reviewed and updated your existing students on the same application. 

    If any new student is listed in the Non-U46 section, there is a checkbox to add them as a student. Do not add children to Non-U46 students, if you wish to enroll or have them screened for preschool services. Only add them as students.

    If you have moved, you may enter your new address into the application. Please contact your school to provide them with current proof of residency.  

    If you have already submitted your registration for the current year and need to add a new or any student not listed on your existing application, you can use New Student Registration*.
    You can review the Exisiting Student application to see which students you have already registered. 

    Please write down your application number for future reference. The application will pull in all of your current information. Please review each section before adding your new student.
    Once all sections are completed, use the red submit button, then contact your school. 

    Please keep your application number handy.

    *Please note that you are limited to one "Existing Student" and one "New Student" application. Contact the Registration office if you have already used both options. 

    Step 2
    When contacting your school

    Please be prepared to provide your application number, required documentation and forms or changes to household information.
    Even though your child is already enrolled, annual registration and up-to-date documentation is required.

    Please call your school in advance, they may require an appointment.

    You MUST contact your school

        • If you have added new students
        • Need to turn in required documentation or forms (See Printable Forms below)
        • Recently moved or have other information to update
        • Have a lease or use an Affidavit of Resident form
        • Need assistance with registration

    All new students will need the following (See Printable Forms below)

        • Birth Certificate*
        • Proof of Residency from Category A + B as listed on the Proof of Custody and Residency form
        • Physical and Immunization updates will be due prior to the first day of school
        • Consent for Release of Records from previous school
    • Registration Assistance by School

      The link below will provide a list of schools and when they will be offering assistance with registration. Those listed in yellow will be hosting a walk-in registration event for their families who need assistance. All other schools are by appointment only. Please call the number listed for your school.  


    Registration Checklist 

    If you are not sure if you have completed all of the requirements for enrollment, use this link to our Registration Checklist, please use your Campus Parent account login. This will show you a listing of all students you have submitted an application for, the application number, and any required documentation needed for that student that we have not yet received. There  is even a link to print out your proof of enrollment. 

    Find your school   

    Not sure what school your child should attend? Please use our searchable database Here, just enter your address and the student's grade level. 

Additional Information

  • Instructions for using a student Chromebook for OLR

  • Printable Registration Forms

  • Registration Fees

  • Residency

  • Health Requirements

  • Registration Status/Registration Checklist

  • Early Childhood Information

  • Transportation and Busing Questions?

  • NOTE: 
    If you do not have access to a computer or tablet, printer or are unable to scan documents, please contact your school or contact us below.
    Note: Due to the high volume of phone calls, we will be returning voicemails in the order they are received. We apologize for the delay.
    If you know your child's school, you should contact them directly to set up an appointment to finalize all your registration requirements. 

    For general registration questions, please contact the Registration Office
    Email: Registration@u-46.org
    or call 847-888-5000, ext. 5715 for English or 5016 for Spanish

    For more information on Early Learners, please visit these websites: 

    After you have registered, if you are interested in the District's award-winning Dual Language program Please Click Here  for the DL Informational Meetings Schedule, this program is open to incoming kindergarten and 1st grade students.