• Why Register Every Year?

  • To help us with planning, student participation and to collect parent agreements.  


    Meeting the registration deadline will help us:

    • Retain teachers

    • Hire additional teachers

    • Manage class sizes

    • Create schedules

    • Prepare for transportation


    Students who are unregistered:  

    • May not receive their schedule on July 17th (7-12th grade)
    • May not receive transportation for the first day of school if they qualify  

    • May not be able to participate in after-school activities

    • IHSA participation may be prohibited.

    • May not be able to register for summer programming such as:  
      • Summer school
      • Freshman Connection
      • Middle School Experience
      • College Jumpstart


    Several agreements need parent approval each year, including, but not limited to:

    • Student Handbook/Code of Conduct

    • Media release

    • Student Directory Release

    • Student Acceptable use of Technology 

    • PE Heart Rate Monitor (7-12th grade)

    • Science Lab Safety Procedures ((7-12th grade) 

    Click here for more information on Annual Agreements

  • Registration for 2024-2025 is now open!

    Please do not delay, register today. 

    • Parents of currently enrolled students will register all of their children for the upcoming school year, including any new students (kindergarten, preschool, transfer in from private schools) along with their current students, conveniently on one application, using Infinite Campus Parent. Please use this link for detailed information on registering currently enrolled students.
      • The registration window will close May 31st.
      • Late registration will be announced later in June. 
      • Late registration may delay transportation, course/teacher assignments and limit summer opportunities.
    • Families new to the district, please use this link for Detailed Information for New Families.
      • You will register using our New Family Kiosk
      • We will not close registration for new families to the district.
    • School District U-46 will not be collecting registration fees for 2024-25. 
      Please note that fees will return for the 2025-2026 school year. 

    Need assistance with registration? Click here for registration assistance offered at your school. 

    What changes have been made for 2024-25?

    Smartphones can now be used to submit your online registration!

    LATE Registration 

    We will re-open the Campus Parent portal to the application once all applications submitted prior to the deadline have been reviewed. 
    An announcement will be made prior to opening Late Registration in June.
    ​We are requesting that parents/guardians complete and submit their registration during the two-month window, April 1st - May 31st. Please do not delay.  
    Delaying registration may delay schedule release for secondary students, transportation, assignment to courses and/or teachers, and may lead to larger class sizes, or the need to close certain classes. 

    Schedule Release

    ​The district will be releasing schedules on July 17th only to fully registered and enrolled students through the Registration Checklist, login with your Infinite Campus username and password. 

    What is required to be considered Fully Registered?  

    • Your annual online registration must be submitted
    • Current proof of residency must be on file for each student, including required Category A & B documentation
    • All health requirements must be turned in and up-to-date
    • A certified copy of your child's birth certificate must be on file

    What if I am not sure my students will return?

    If your plans change at any time, you can withdraw your child from U-46. There is no penalty or fee. If you do need to withdraw your students, you will need to fill out a Consent of Release of Records form and turn it into your child's school, or the Registration Office for elementary students while they are closed for the summer.