Open, Closed, and Positive Cases of Covid-19 since August 1, 2022

Covid-19 Reporting Definitions

  • This report is cumulative for all U-46 staff and student reports of COVID-19 possible exposure since August 1, 2022. The categories are defined as follows: 

    • Open case - represents any reported suspected or confirmed case involving a U-46 staff member or student. All suspected cases are to be shared with a U-46 administrator. A District or school administrator documents the reported case with the U-46 Health Services Department. The District reports any self-reported positive cases to the local county health department. A case remains ‘open’ while it is being investigated, during the period of self-quarantine, or until the individual is released to return to school by the county health department or by the U-46 Human Resources Department. As suspected cases are included in this category, it is expected there will be a higher number of open cases than confirmed cases. Open cases could remain open for 14 days while staff or student monitor symptoms.  
    • Closed case - represents the cumulative number of cases since August 2022 that were reported to U-46, were investigated, and closed. A case closes after a U-46 Health Services and Human Resources or a county health department determines that an individual with a suspected exposure or a confirmed positive case has been cleared to resume normal activities. 
    • Positive case - represents the cumulative number of confirmed cases from August 2022. This data reflects either a self-reported confirmed case or a confirmed case as reported by a county health department. All confirmed positive cases involving a U-46 staff member or student are reported to the proper local county health department and monitored by U-46 Health Services. 

    Informing the school community of an outbreak -  We will communicate with families whenever necessary during an outbreak within a classroom or school. The CDC and Illinois Department of Health define an outbreak as three or more positive cases that are linked epidemiologically and that do not share the same household and are not listed as close contacts of each other outside the outbreak setting.