Moving to a Mask-Recommended Environment: What You Need to Know

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    On Feb. 23, School District U-46 transitioned to a mask-recommended environment for students and staff as long as local COVID metrics stay below established thresholds. The metrics we will monitor are as follows:

    • Seven-day rolling test positivity for each of our three counties (above 8.0% is considered substantial spread)
    • Number of confirmed positive cases in our schools (above 3% of students at a given school)
    • Number of COVID-related absences in our schools (above 10%)
    • Positivity rate of SHIELD tests conducted in each of our schools (above 8%)

    We strongly encourage everyone to continue wearing masks, in alignment with guidance from our local health departments, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control; however, as of Feb. 23, masks are not universally required. Importantly, the District reserves the right to re-institute mandatory mask wearing if local COVID-19 metrics warrant it or if masking is required by law, or upon a decision by the Illinois Supreme Court that may impact a recent appellate court ruling.

    Our goal, as we have said from the start, is to keep students and staff safe - and to keep our buildings open. As we navigate this change, we hope that all of our students, staff, and families will join us in caring for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions - March 1, 2022

  • Will masks still be required on school buses or driver’s education vehicles?

  • Do I need a mask to visit the school? When I visit for a U-46 Board of Education meeting?

  • Will students participating in before or after school programs still be required to wear masks?

  • Are school exclusion rules for positive COVID-19 cases changing? Can a student return to school before the 10-day exclusion period?

  • If a student has tested positive within the last 90 days, do they have to quarantine again?

Frequently Asked Questions - Feb. 24, 2022

  • Will U-46 continue contact tracing for positive cases? Will close contacts be excluded?

  • Are rapid tests allowed as proof for symptomatic students to return to school?

  • Will masks be required for participants and observers at athletic events, concerts, and other events happening in U-46 buildings?

Frequently Asked Questions - Feb. 22, 2022

  • With masks no longer strictly required, will other COVID-19 mitigation protocols for students change?

  • Do staff members still need to be vaccinated or submit the weekly attestation form?

  • Can you make sure my child remains masked/unmasked throughout the school day? May I request special seating for my child in light of this change?

  • Can I opt for remote learning for my child at this time?

  • Is there anywhere else masks will still be required?

  • My child participates in a sport and travels to other schools. Will masks be required at those schools?

  • What else can I do to keep my child, family, and myself safe?

  • What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

  • The weekly message indicated that individuals should honor a request for masking. What does this mean?

  • Has the social distancing requirement changed?

  • How often will the District change its local plan and mitigation requirements?

  • How will changes in the District’s local plan and mitigation be communicated to families?

  • Will the sale of indoor concessions at after-school events be allowed?

  • Will masks be available for students and staff members?