The Health Services Team

  • Certified School Nurses  
    The certified nurses who serve the students and staff of School District U-46 come from a wide variety of educational/experiential backgrounds. All have Bachelor of Science Degrees and, in fact, many have completed master's degrees as well. 

    The Certified School Nurses in District U-46 provide a wide variety of health-related and assessment-related services to the students, including to:

    • Serve as liaison between home, school and community
    • Provide first aid and emergency care at school
    • Administer medications and deliver treatments as ordered by a physician
    • Provide classroom teaching at the request of teachers
    • Manage student chronic illness during school hours
    • Develop school nursing policy
    • Gather health-related information for educational purposes, including health histories for students with possible or diagnosed health concerns
    • Participate on the school Service Team
    • Obtain information from classroom teacher and parent regarding a student's behavior using the Conner's Behavioral Rating Scale. This is done for a small percentage of students. The nurse then scores and presents the results to the parent and teacher
    • Conduct vision and hearing screenings on students not screened at other times or those needing additional screenings. The nurse refers students who fail vision and/or hearing screenings and follows up with parents on those referrals
    • Provide health-related resources to staff, families
    • Ensure compliance with Illinois State Board of Education regulations regarding physical exams, immunizations and other state-required data
    • Assist in keeping children healthy and in the classroom

    Registered Nurses
    All schools have a Registered Nurse assigned to the school's health office. The nurse is there on all school days. Their duties include:

    • Providing emergency care with appropriate parent notification and medical referral
    • Administering medications and treatments prescribed by a physician
    • Performing specialized health care procedures directed by a physician
    • Accessing community health resources
    • Assessing individual health needs and develop and implement care plans as needed
    • Ensuring compliance with State of Illinois mandates for physical examination and immunizations as well as vision and dental exams
    • Managing communicable disease in accordance with Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines

    Vision and Hearing Screening Technicians
    Administer vision and hearing tests to all students in the grades mandated by the State of Illinois (currently kindergarten, first, second, third and eighth grades). Preschool students are also screened, as well as all students in Special Education and those new to a building. The Screening Technicians also refer students for vision and/or hearing follow-up.

    Health Secretaries
    The Secretarial and Clerical staff provide office support, maintain records, and help ensure compliance with state-mandated requirements.

    Physical and Occupational Therapist:  
    Occupational and Physical therapy helps individuals promote successful and independent participation across school settings. OT & PT's support student access and eliminate barriers to learning. Occupational therapist support students participation in student occupations ( which may include supports for fine motor skills, self -help skills, self- regulation/sensory processing). Physical therapist support students participation in school to access their school environment addressing gross motor skills. The occupational and physical therapists support the educational goals in collaboration with classroom teachers.


    Home bound tutors:   


    All these services and activities performed by the members of the Health Services Department combine to provide students and staff a comprehensive and supportive health program geared to maintaining optimal health and good school attendance.