How to Enroll

  • New Student Enrollment Requirements
    The items below are required to enroll a new student at South Elgin High School. When you have all of the required information, you must then make an appointment to meet with a guidance counselor.

    Your enrollment may be delayed if all information is not provided at the time of your appointment.

    1. Former School: Name, address, phone number.

    • Date enrolled; Date left
    • Unofficial transcript, grades, schedule
    • Illinois Board of Education (ISBE) Transfer Form (Only required from Illinois public schools)State
    • Copy of IEP (Special Education Students Only)

    2. Has the enrolling student ever attended a U-46 school? If yes, you will need to provide: 

    • Date enrolled in U-46
    • Date left U-46

    3. Three (3) Proofs of Residency

    Residency of Person with Whom Student Lives and Who Claims Custody of the Student: As initial proof of residency, the person with whom the student lives in the District and who claims custody of the student must provide at least one document from Category A and at least two documents from Category B, all of which must be acceptable to the District. If the person enrolling the student claims the student is (1) homeless, or (2) attending school in the student’s former district upon determination of the Department of Children and Family Services, only the appropriate line in Category C must be checked.

                Category A.  Provide ORIGINAL COPIES of at least one of the following documents:

    1. The most recent real estate tax bill for my residence showing me as the tax payer
    2. Mortgage papers or statement
    3. Signed lease for my residence
    4. A notarized letter of residence in lieu of lease, from the owner of the residence indicating the duration of my stay there
    5. A closing statement for the purchase of my residence

               Category B.  Provide ORIGINAL COPIES of at least two of the following documents:

    1. Current gas, electric, or water bill
    2. Public Aid Card
    3. Current homeowners or renters insurance certificate
    4. Current telephone, cable, or dish bill
    5. Receipt for city vehicle sticker

              Category C.  None of the documents in categories A or B above are applicable because:

    1. The student is homeless and eligible for enrollment under the Illinois Education for Homeless Children Act 
    2. The student is enrolling based on the determination of the Department of Children and Family Services.
    3. Proof of Residency will be established within 30 calendar days; however, a real estate contract, closing statement, or lease MUST be presented as initial proof of residence. If the student does not become a resident within 30 days, he/she may be charged tuition or he/she may be removed from school.


    NOTE: If you checked C2 above, attach evidence of DCFS determination.

         4.  Proof of Guardianship-if not parent (Divorce Decree, Legal Custody Document, SEHS Caregiver           Document)
         5.  Original copy of Birth Certificate 

         6.  Proof of Physical & Immunizations

    ***If entering 9th grade, proof of a physical with a date within one year of the first day of this school year and a copy of student’s immunization dates that must be in compliance with the Illinois School Code.

    ***Students entering from within the state of Illinois in any grade must bring a copy of their physical and immunizations. Immunizations must be in compliance with the Illinois School Code.

    ***Students transferring from a school outside of Illinois have 6 weeks to provide a copy of your previous physical and all immunizations.

         7. Emergency Information 

               a. Parent/Guardian names, home phone, work phone, and cell phone numbers
               b. Two emergency contact names and phone numbers